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Landlords – Housing Plus

Housing Plus - Tools and resources for landlords - Winnipeg Rental Network - Affordable solutions for renting properties in Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Rental Network recently launched its Housing Plus program. The goal of the program is to assist vulnerable individuals in acquiring housing that best fits their needs. We are reaching out to landlords and property management firms to secure rental units.


Why We Need You to Be Involved:

  • We are currently seeking community-minded landlords who would like to partner with us to provide rental units to the participants we serve.
  • We work with 10 different service agencies that provide direct housing supports for their participants.
  • Intensive supports are offered to the program participants, including regular visits to the rental unit. Eviction prevention planning is undertaken with all participants upon move in.
  • The greatest need is for bachelor and one bedroom units throughout the city. We want you to help us make this community-driven initiative a success.

for more info email or call (204) 414-8220 or click here.