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Subsidized Housing


Subsidized housing generally refers to housing that is provided on a “rent-geared-to-income” (RGI) basis. Your rent in such a program will be 30% of your yearly income.  This type of programing is targeted for households that are at a low or fixed income.  If you are a renter in a RGI unit, your rent will be assessed yearly.  RGI housing is provided by the Manitoba Housing Authortiy, Winnipeg Housing and Rehabilitation Corporation and various non-profit and co-operative housing providers.

If you are on a low or fixed income, and you live in market rental housing, you may be able to apply for a rent supplement subsidy that will help with your monthly rental payment .


Subsidized Housing

Manitoba Housing (Public Housing).   The Social Housing Rental Program (SHRP) is the primary and largest program delivered by Manitoba Housing. The program provides low-income Manitobans in the greatest need with subsidized housing.  Manitoba Housing provides a range of quality housing such as apartments, townhouses, duplexes and houses for individuals, families and seniors. Click here for the Tenant Handbook and Policy Guidelines.

All Manitoba Housing leasing offices will accept Social Housing Rental Program applications and can assist you with completing your application.

Contact directly by calling 204 945-4663 or toll-free if outside of Winnipeg at
1-800-661-4663. You can also e-mail directly at housing@gov.mb.ca.
If you are a Manitoba Housing tenant and are dealing with a conflict or an issue that property management is not addressing then you can also use these contacts for direction.

Social Housing Assisted Living (SHAL) is a Manitoba Housing initiative to provide affordable assisted living services for seniors aged 60+. Services include meals, housekeeping and on-site activities.


 Winnipeg Housing and Rehabilitation Corporation (WHRC).   WHRC provides affordable, clean, and safe rental housing in the inner-city and North end as well as market rent units in various areas of the City of Winnipeg.  The majority of the units are available to people requiring rents geared to income (RGI). Applicants approved for RGI would pay 30 per cent of their annual gross household income.   Contact 949-2880 to inquire on their waiting list.   Click here to download an application form.


Non-Profits and Cooperatives.  Many co-operatives and non-profit housing providers offer rent-geared-to-income units or rent supplements.  Ask the housing provider directly if subsidies are offered.   Two property management firms that manage a significant number of non-profit and cooperative housing, including Rent-Geared-to-Income, are Murdock Management (phone: 982-2000) and SAM Management (phone: 942-0991).

Many housing co-ops in Manitoba are members of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada) which has a Manitoba office. For further information call 1-888-591-3301 or 204-947-5411 in Winnipeg or email.

Aboriginal Housing.  Much of the housing stock managed by aboriginal and metis housing providers are on a Rent-Geared-to-Income basis. 


Rent Supplements

Rent Assist (formally Manitoba Shelter Benefit or RentAid) is a monthly benefit to help low income families and individuals, as well as people receiving income assistance (EIA).

If you are not on Assistance (EIA) and pay more than 30% of your income on private rental housing, then you may be eligible for Rent Assist. The amount of the benefit depends on household income and the monthly cost of renting.  Check eligibility with this on-line estimator.  Download the application form here. Winnipeg Office 100-114 Garry Street.  Phone 204-948-7368 in Winnipeg; 1-877-587-6224 toll free.  Email.

Rent Assist for individuals and families on EIA will be assessed when you apply.  Rent Assist replaces RentAid but you will not have to reapply. You will automatically get Rent Assist, as long as you keep meeting the requirements. Phone for EIA Rent Assist in Winnipeg:
Toll free:
1-877-812-0014. Email.

School Tax Assistance for Tenants 55+.   Rebates available for income-tested tenants over the age of 55 to offset the school tax portion of rent costs.  If you are at least 55 years of age and have a household income of less than $23,800, then you are eligible for annual rebates of up to $175, payable once a year…