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Before you rent

When you rent out any type of housing unit, consider the following:

Take written applications from prospective tenants. Click here for a generic application form.
(For an actual lease agreement, click here.  This form includes an important attachment that details rights and responsibilities for both Landlords and Renters.)

Request the following information:

  • character references;
  • name of employer and income;
  • credit references; and
  • names of all persons who will live in the rental unit.

If an applicant cannot provide references from previous landlords, or does not have an established credit rating, you may request a co-signer.

NOTE: Obtain the applicant’s written consent to a personal investigation before you verify any of this information.

  • Tell the prospective tenant about any rent increases that you have already planned.
  • When you collect a security deposit, make sure the applicant understands that you will review references and rent the unit to the first qualified person.
  • Tell the applicant what your decision is regarding the application as soon as your investigation is complete.
  • Meet with the successful applicant to sign the tenancy agreement; give the tenant a copy of the agreement and a copy of your rules and regulations.
  • Give the tenant a Notice to New Tenant form when the tenancy agreement is signed. (These forms are available at the RTB.)
  • Co-ordinate the times for the tenant moving in and the tenant moving out.
  • Meet your tenant at the rental unit on move-in day to do an ingoing condition report – preferably before any furniture is moved into the unit.


(the preceding is from Residential Tenancies Branch)