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Disputes and Mediation

The best route for seeking mediation would be through the Residential Tenancies Branch (RTB).  The RTB resolves thousands of client disputes informally every year as part of their client service plan.  Often, client services staff can resolve a dispute over the phone and both landlord and tenant are satisfied.

The system helps clients who come to the Branch with a problem, leave it with a solution.  If both parties agree on a solution, a Client Services Officer (CSO) can prepare a mediated agreement outlining what is required from both of them.  If no immediate agreement is reached, then you have other options - you may decide to go to a hearing or the Branch may investigate further.

In the process, the CSOs take every reasonable step to help landlords and tenants resolve their differences quickly.  The mediation officer will usually speak to the landlord and tenant on the telephone first. Sometimes mediation can take place at a face-to-face meeting.  The mediation officer will decide which method to use.

There are other agencies that do mediation, however such services would probably be cost prohibitive.

Contact RTB for more information at 945-2476.