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The Winnipeg Rental Network (WRN) is a non-profit initiative providing a web-based database that makes it easier for people to find affordable rental housing.  The site is also a one-stop-shop for agencies that provide supports to people in the low to medium income range.  WRN is not a housing provider; it is a network of Public, Private and Community-based organizations that work to improve accessibility to affordable rental accommodation.

The Network uses Median Market Rents, as determined by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), to establish an upper limit on what is deemed “affordable”.

The WRN database is a free service for landlords and tenants.  Landlords and property managers can long on and self-manage rental listings.  The WRN administrator can also create listings for landlords (see contact info below).

Individual renters seeking accommodations can search geographic areas to find vacancy and contact information.


If you have a tenant/landlord dispute, or if you have questions about your rental, you can also call
the Residential Tenancies Branch for help at (204) 945-2476.  The Residential Tenancies Branch
is responsible for enforcing Landlord & Renter regulations found in The Residential Tenancies Act.

The Winnipeg Rental Network also maintains on-line material regarding tenant and landlord rights, information about housing programs and links to organizations that provide housing support.  The primary goal of this information service is to strengthen tenancy for renters and to minimize challenges facing landlords.

For further information, email Gordon McIntyre, WRN Coordinator, or call 204-417-2110.

Winnipeg Rental Network
c/o 509 Selkirk Avenue,
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This website was developed with funding from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.  Further support and facilities are provided by the North End Community Renewal Corporation.   Current funding is provided by the Government of Manitoba.